Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank you B.

Well ive always heard or read ppl on these sites complimenting their spouses on the support they have offered and ive always got a tinge of jealousy as ive never experienced that. Not because my spouse isnt supportive, but ive never really opend up to him about my feelings on the situation, therefore ive always felt so alone without anyone to talk to , felt so shut out from the one person that i needed to console me during my many dissappointing period arrivals. Then this month when aunt flo caught me, i was so certain that i was pregnant that i couldnt help but break down in tears, and he was there, supporting me and reassuring me that we are in this together and we'll do all what it takes , together , to achieve our goal of one day holding our child in our arms.I felt so loved at that moment , so special; he has given me a new confidence to go on and to strive to reach my point of satisfaction. So even as the days go by and i change pads and tampons , i am optimistic that every thing is gonna work out fine, and ill eventually have my lors (boy) or leisle(girl).

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