Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update well over due!

First of all let me apologize for my long stream of abscence, this is due to my pc crashing and me not decided on getting a new one just yet.
well, as i said in my last post af went awol, i went for an u/s and nothing was seen.
Well, af still hasnt shown, i have taken 3 PG tests so far,all positive, so i decided to go in for another ultrasound because i saw some spotting last friday so saturday i went to dr and he did another u/s and then says to me yes im pregnant......this coming from the same dr who told me not too long ago tht both my tubes were blocked. He went on to further say that sometimes when someone does an hsg, the pressure exerted on the tubes from the insertion of the dye can cause them to unblock. urm yes doc i understand all that but ...i did tht hsg march 2010 !
so anyway here i am, according to my lmp i should be 9wks but us dated me as 6wks, im not even bothered, not as excited as i thought id be.
I actually feel kinda bad especially as the clinic is sending me emails asking about if im still interested in the donor cycle, what am i gona say to my ivf nurse, i feel so bad, my cycle is scheduled for april and now this!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby maybe,........... but where?

ok so i decided not to do the beta, im just gonna let nature take its course, according to my lmp if i am im 7wks 1day, not much symptoms, ive had more when i had BFN's . My boobs are super sore, the water in the shower hurts them, im eating everything but the kitchen sink, and im extra moody, DH says i have an extra short fuse im definately pregnant, my feet started swelling yesterday , but they used to a long time ago in the days leading up to af. Right now i am not convinced that i am pregnant, and if i am it most likely is ectopic, i am however trying  not to worry to much about that, but sometimes my neurotic side comes out in all her splendour, so i have obviously googled swelling feet in early sometimes u just can't help urself.

Friday, January 6, 2012

If i were normal I'd be.............

Pregnant, happy, so excited now after coming from my 6wk ultrasound today.
ok, so af was due on christmas day, she was a no show, feared she would ruin my birthday on the 1st, still no show, anyway , on the 4th i decided to do a test, as i sat on the toilet and passed the urine in a container, stopping to pull up some in the dropper and drop a couple drops onto the test strip....the familiar control line came up quickly,felt a lil sad but quckly shook tht feeling and proceeded to empty my bladder , wipe and pull up my panties, i glanced at the test again before putting it into a bag to my amazement a second line had appeared, never before had i seen such, however, i didnt feel as happy as i thought i would.
Didnt rush to tell dh cause i just didnt believe it.
Anyways, i decided to go for an u/s today as i would be 6wks due to lmp nov 23rd. However nothing was to be found on the scan, my endometrium measures 13cm thick (i think is cm she measured it) according to her as though i was expecting a period.
so i'm back to where i was before only on a vacation from af, the tech suggested i repeat the test or do blood beta but im not gonna bother, i already knw it isn't possible, thanks to tubledee and tubledum