Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Game Plan!

       Hmmmmm, i mean i did want Af to get here but did she come with a vengeance, almost like she can sense she wont be seeing me for a while once my ivf is successful, talk about excruciating pain, and sorry tmi, massive clots, tht seem to signal to me when they want to get out so i can go sit on the toilet! Luckily only one more day to go and ill b free for a whole month!!!
      Anyway, watched the game plan this evening , and ive seen it before but not in this new infertility light. Just so touching how a father and daughter who meet for the first time form this loving bond, cant help but think about when me and Dh meet our bundle or bundles of joy for the first time......ahhhhh.
This movie almost brought tears to my eyes, but Dh was watching it too so i fighted them back.
       Just remembered btw, im one day closer to ivf!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something else!

Well last nite DH and i had a huge falling out, which resulted in him spending the night at our apartment, all i was worried about, was, if i leave him, how am i gonna get his sperm for my ivf cycle......hmmmmm..this infertility thing is something else!
On another note af finally arrived last nite, and i rolled out the red carpet and welcomed her with open pads,lol, so im gonna be having my blood tests done tomorrow to check my hormone levels...yayyy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


All i can think abt is having the ivf done, i dreamt abt my babies last nite!
but, af is holding up the process, need to get the tests done so that my total cost for treatment can be calculated.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aunt flo im waitinggggggggg!

So my ivf nurse contacted me and sent me a list of all the tests i need to complete, im so excited im just waiting for aunt flo to show up, good thing is her head games dont work on me anymore!
my 6 month journey to ivf begins wen af shows up.....for once ill b happy to see her :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My long journey to IVF begins!

Well yesterday i finally went for a second opinion from one of the best ob gyn's in the caribbean, he recommended that i do ivf. so, i icontacted the ivf clinic of barbados confirming that i indeed needed to do ivf so , lets get the ball rolling basically! I feel very happy now that i know what the problem is and treatment is right around the corner , im very optimistic as i believe its only the blockage in my tubes, im sure everything else is fine.......Lors and Liesle im coming to get u guys! yayyyyy!