Friday, February 24, 2012

Sinking in

so here i am still no sign of af, according to my last u/s dating im now 10w6d, im only been physically sick twice in that whole period so im kinda happy for that. I think it's finally sinking in and its safe to actually say that im pregnant! I told some of my colleagues at work, im still waiting to tell my mother in law, i kinda wanted to tell her face to face and havent seen her in a while, but i need to tell her soon cause ive gained almost 10lbs and people are gonna start asking questions soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

oh IVF nurse

So, how do i break the news to my ivf nurse, i mean, i cant just disappear into pregnant land and not say anything, but im wondering if she will think my whole situation was just a hoax....What if i lose this baby and cant get pregnant spontaneously again and need to go to the clinic for ivf, will she take me seriously then?Any suggestions on how i should go abt breaking the news to my ivf nurse?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Infertile pregnant in a fertile wonderland!

So i joined this pregnancy board for mom who are expecting in sep 2012, cause i guess if i am pregnant ill be due some time around then, but what ive noticed , is, I dont feel welcome, its a whole different community and everyones so happy abt their pregnancy, announcing it on fb and having im pregnant parties, while i lurk in the shadows afraid to tell anyone(except u guys tht is).
I guess being infertile for so long , i just dont belong with the regularly fertile ppl, so im here hoping and praying, fingers crossed for u guys here in infertile land pleassssse hurry up and join me in this - experience tht i wanted so long and now am unable to enjoy- and lets create our infertile and pregnant community!