Friday, August 12, 2011

af or not af, tht is the question?

ok so my period is supposed to arrive on saturday according to femilia, so yesterday i felt a dull crampy feeling in my pelvic area so while in the shower i inserted my finger(tmi sorry) in my vagina and it came out pink so i thought af was here for sure, so i put on a pad and went about my day, later on that night(pad still clean) dh decided he wanted to bd so i told him im on m period, he said he wanted it anyway so i checked my pad and because it was still clean decided to bd. Anyway when we finished i asked dh if there was any blood on his member and he said no...strange. so today im still having the dull crampy feeling but no sign of blood i was spotting yesterday after using the loo tht has stopped, so im keeping my fingers crossed tht this is implantation bleeding and cramping!

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