Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Game Plan!

       Hmmmmm, i mean i did want Af to get here but did she come with a vengeance, almost like she can sense she wont be seeing me for a while once my ivf is successful, talk about excruciating pain, and sorry tmi, massive clots, tht seem to signal to me when they want to get out so i can go sit on the toilet! Luckily only one more day to go and ill b free for a whole month!!!
      Anyway, watched the game plan this evening , and ive seen it before but not in this new infertility light. Just so touching how a father and daughter who meet for the first time form this loving bond, cant help but think about when me and Dh meet our bundle or bundles of joy for the first time......ahhhhh.
This movie almost brought tears to my eyes, but Dh was watching it too so i fighted them back.
       Just remembered btw, im one day closer to ivf!

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