Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lost support!

I never thought i'd be writing this sorta blog post. it seems to me that since ive gotten pregnant naturally, ive lost the support of u guys who are still trying and going through procedures, maybe it's because u think i was  lying all this time, but why would i be? I have not been preventing pregnancy since i was around 17yrs old, when i met dh  10 or so years ago we started actively trying, for the past 3 years i been undergoing treatments, (numerous clomid cycles), last march i did an hsg which confirmed my fears that i wouldnt be able to have children, because it showed my tubes were blocked,i then decided to move onto ivf right away , as was recommended by my ob/gyn, and was scheduled for my first ivf cycle in april(actually i probably wouldve been right in the middle of it now) but by some miracle(which i needed as i didnt knw how i was going to pay for the ivf) i found myself pregnant, in jan of this year.
After saying all this, it just hurts me deeply to see that the community i thought i belonged to has abandoned me, there are time when i come on here(like now) feeling so low, needing a little comment to cheer me up, and nothing!
Anyway i hope u guys are doing ok, every once in a while i stop in and comment on ur blogs but dont check for responses cause that may be disappointing to also find none!


  1. I'm sorry you feel this way. I hope you and the baby are doing ok. I can't speak for anyone else, but I find it hard to always show support when the person is due right around the time I would have been due if I didn't have a miscarriage. It is nothing against you or your pregnancy, just a personal issue I have. And you aren't the only blog I've stopped commenting on because of this. Please know, that I read your posts and am happy for you, but can't always work up to a comment because it may reopen wounds that have been so hard to heal.

  2. I'm still reading, but a lot of times I haven't really known what to say. I've been commenting less on everyone lately because I've been really busy, but I also don't like to just comment for the sake of commenting, and I haven't had anything really to add or say in reply.

  3. I am sorry you are feeling this way.

    I try to always remember that everyone is fighting their own battle, especially in this community. I'm new to your blog from ICLW, but I know that there have been points on my journey that I couldn't support those who were pregnant, even now when I'm struggling through my first trimester I find it hard to relate to or offer any advice to those further along than me.

    Being pregnant comes with it's own challenges, but it's a point that some in our community can only dream of reaching right now. It's not easy to hear, especially with hormones raging, but it's true. I know infertility in particular is a lonely battle, but I hope in your pregancy, you've found others to relate to both online and IRL. Thinking of you.

  4. Over from ICLW (#11). Congrats on your pregnancy! We have been TTC actively around 3 years with lots of interventions, and were about to move forward toward IVF when we got a surprise BFP in March. I am praying this is our take home miracle baby, and love finding other women whose stories are similar. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for you!

  5. welcome amy and jules
    jules it seems our stories are similar.

  6. I hopping over from ICLW (#86) ... I read your ICLW post, and this one.... and I have to say - I'm sorry you are feeling this way.

    Infertility is so painful, sometimes people cannot deal with hearing about pregnancy. With seeing happy baby pictures or round bumps full of life... I'm sure it's nothing personal - it is probably more so them having to protect themselves ....

    I am sorry to read that your husband and you separated :/ I know that has to be hard.

  7. hi moonstarmommy, i think mayb that post abt lost support was a bit selfish on my part, it seems i alwaya expect others to do the things i would do, and when my fellow bloggers on here were pregnant i always stopped by and commented on their blog , but i guess other ppl are different, and mayb thts one of the things tht got in the way of dh and i, we're still separated btw , and im not sure we're gonna get back together, because for now, he's not willing to do therapy and i think we need it.

  8. hello from iclw... if people stopped commenting on your blog when you got pregnant i would try not to take it personally. before i actually got pregnant it was very hard for me when i found out that someone other than myself had gotten pregnant yet again. i know it seems selfish, but sometimes i was just too jealous to look at their blogs. so, try not to take it personally, maybe you can find some new reader with iclw who will give you the support you are looking for right now.