Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby maybe,........... but where?

ok so i decided not to do the beta, im just gonna let nature take its course, according to my lmp if i am im 7wks 1day, not much symptoms, ive had more when i had BFN's . My boobs are super sore, the water in the shower hurts them, im eating everything but the kitchen sink, and im extra moody, DH says i have an extra short fuse im definately pregnant, my feet started swelling yesterday , but they used to a long time ago in the days leading up to af. Right now i am not convinced that i am pregnant, and if i am it most likely is ectopic, i am however trying  not to worry to much about that, but sometimes my neurotic side comes out in all her splendour, so i have obviously googled swelling feet in early sometimes u just can't help urself.

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