Friday, January 6, 2012

If i were normal I'd be.............

Pregnant, happy, so excited now after coming from my 6wk ultrasound today.
ok, so af was due on christmas day, she was a no show, feared she would ruin my birthday on the 1st, still no show, anyway , on the 4th i decided to do a test, as i sat on the toilet and passed the urine in a container, stopping to pull up some in the dropper and drop a couple drops onto the test strip....the familiar control line came up quickly,felt a lil sad but quckly shook tht feeling and proceeded to empty my bladder , wipe and pull up my panties, i glanced at the test again before putting it into a bag to my amazement a second line had appeared, never before had i seen such, however, i didnt feel as happy as i thought i would.
Didnt rush to tell dh cause i just didnt believe it.
Anyways, i decided to go for an u/s today as i would be 6wks due to lmp nov 23rd. However nothing was to be found on the scan, my endometrium measures 13cm thick (i think is cm she measured it) according to her as though i was expecting a period.
so i'm back to where i was before only on a vacation from af, the tech suggested i repeat the test or do blood beta but im not gonna bother, i already knw it isn't possible, thanks to tubledee and tubledum


  1. I would do the beta. Even though the u/s didn't reveal anything doesn't mean something isn't going on (this coming from the lady who is currently in beta hell).

    I know it's scary and there's the chance that everything will be negative. But what if it's not?

    Thinking of you.

  2. ty cristy, ill do it on tuesday when i go back to work, that wat ill get it free