Monday, February 6, 2012

oh IVF nurse

So, how do i break the news to my ivf nurse, i mean, i cant just disappear into pregnant land and not say anything, but im wondering if she will think my whole situation was just a hoax....What if i lose this baby and cant get pregnant spontaneously again and need to go to the clinic for ivf, will she take me seriously then?Any suggestions on how i should go abt breaking the news to my ivf nurse?


  1. Hey girl, new to your blog but this is awesome!! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to contact them right away but I agree you probably should contact them. I don't think they'll think it was a hoax, I'm sure they'll be genuinely happy for you!

  2. I would be honest. I don't think she'll judge you. Actually, I think she's going to be super excited for you!