Friday, February 3, 2012

Infertile pregnant in a fertile wonderland!

So i joined this pregnancy board for mom who are expecting in sep 2012, cause i guess if i am pregnant ill be due some time around then, but what ive noticed , is, I dont feel welcome, its a whole different community and everyones so happy abt their pregnancy, announcing it on fb and having im pregnant parties, while i lurk in the shadows afraid to tell anyone(except u guys tht is).
I guess being infertile for so long , i just dont belong with the regularly fertile ppl, so im here hoping and praying, fingers crossed for u guys here in infertile land pleassssse hurry up and join me in this - experience tht i wanted so long and now am unable to enjoy- and lets create our infertile and pregnant community!


  1. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!! This is huge! I'm so sorry you feel out of place, but give it some time. I'm sure as you progress through this pregnancy that you'll begin hitting milestones as you go along.

  2. hoping i can join you!!! just a couple weeks behind!

  3. aww thanks cristy, but i just dont understand why i feel this way....really need the company Jes