Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Word of advice

so here i am at 14 weeks and feeling perfectly normal, i must be some kinda super pregnant woman! on top of that ive lost 2lbs.
I think now its finally sunk in and im actually excited, cant wait to start showing and then hopefully have my healthy baby. After waiting for so long its finally happened.
You knw people always tell you when you're trying to get pregnant you should just relax and not think about it cause the stress is just gonna keep it from happening........it's TRUE! For months when i was trying i was so focused on whether this cycle of clomid would be successful, if im ovulating, if my cervical mucous is hostile towards DH's sperm, if it was gonna be our month.Then after that scrutinizing every weird feeling i had as some sorta early pregnancy symptom, hour spent examining my breasts and cervix for early pregnancy changes, then month after month after month i would get so upset when i saw the temperature dip which indicated the arrival of af, then her subsequent arrival.
But what ive learnt from all this , is, you just need to relax and take trying off your mind, as hard as it is......cause it was only when the ob/gyn confirmed my bilateral tubal occlusion , and advised that ivf was the only option for me,, did i truly let go and just BD for bding sake and not expecting any signs and symptoms of early pregnancy...so much so that i didnt recognize or pay attention to any of the early signs and symptoms that led up to m BFP!

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